There’s No “I” in Triathlon

March 7, 2014

Pro triathlete Emma-Kate Lidbury might finish alone, but it takes a big team to get her to the start line When I was at school, I loved team sports – netball, volleyball, basketball. You name it, I played it. Team sports were fun, sociable and engaging. But for someone like me – who is competitive and has a fierce will to win – I would sometimes find their dynamics frustrating. Individual sports soon became more appealing: you, and you alone,...

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Birthday Beastings

February 7, 2014

Birthdays for pro athletes like Emma-Kate Lidbury are not the same as for the rest of us I love birthdays – mine and everyone else’s. As a child, it

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January – But Not As I Know It

January 10, 2014

Free from Britain’s cold climate, Emma-Kate Lidbury is making the most of New Year in LA In years gone by, if you’d said the word ‘January’ to me, I

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Home for Christmas

December 24, 2013

California-based Emma-Kate Lidbury reflects on coming back to Blighty and festive training The tough guys among you might scoff at this, but one of my favourite films is Love

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