Triathlon birthdays are ‘tough love’ and utterly brilliant

February 19, 2015

A birthday in the world of a pro triathlete is very different to most. Since turning pro in 2009, birthdays each year have meant one thing – a guarantee

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You know you’re dating a triathlete when you …

February 14, 2015

1. Always carry snacks with you Hangriness is that gnawing hunger that starts with a grump and ends with rage if not headed off with snacks at the earliest

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The three triathlon R’s: Resting, recovering and relaxing

February 11, 2015

Hawaii was awesome – high intensity, high volume triathlon training at its best. But now I’m back in San Francisco it’s time for some R&R to let the body

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Rest is triathlon training too

February 6, 2015

Yesterday was a recovery day for us here at our triathlon training camp in Kona. Resting is just as important as training, but not everyone realises this. It’s certainly

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