Five facts from Ironman 70.3 Monterrey

March 17, 2015

While I know it’s de rigeur to write a race report about all the ins and outs of your latest and greatest battle, I for one often find these, well, let’s just say a little formulaic. Instead I thought I’d share with you a few little facts about my recent adventures at Ironman 70.3 Monterrey in Mexico:

5. Riding on wet cobblestones is much like Bambi on ice. When I signed up for this race I just assumed that a race in Mexico would be hot and humid. Arriba arriba, sunshine. Alas no. Apart from the first day, the rain continued to fall and the mercury dropped as low as 50F. On race day, it remained dry until halfway through the bike (for the pros) and then the cobbled streets which we rode through at the start and end of each lap became much like skating rinks. In scenes not dissimilar to the Tour de France, the crowds lining the streets advanced into the roads, signalling for all riders to kill their speed and be extremely cautious. Everywhere I looked I could see riders pedalling, slipping, skidding and hitting the deck. This suddenly became a game of bike and body preservation! I made it to T2 ‘A’ OK and I hope everyone else did too – it was definitely a unique end to a bike course.

4. I left Mexico without having a cerveza, taco or burrito. I am still a little traumatised by this fact and may need therapy, but lesson learned: on Sunday night in downtown Monterrey there ain’t much happenin’.

3. My Spanish is nowhere near as rusty as I thought it was – I even impressed myself when I rolled out on the bike on the first day and stopped a passerby to ask for directions. Of course, they were largely terrified by a chick in an aero lid (my new Giro Air Attack is pimp!) speaking Spanglish (that’s for Todd Larlee if he’s reading) but hey, we found el parque.

2. People think that sponsors give you free stuff and cash. They give you more than that. Mine are all part of a support group that I feel with me every time I get to the start line of a race. Massive thanks Felt Bicycles, Osmo Nutrition, Morris Owen and Virtua UK – as well as purplepatch and all the team in San Fran

1. It was my first race of the 2015 season after five months of “off season” training. I finished 4th. I am now very much “on”!

Next up for me is 70.3 Oceanside on March 28. Time to recover and get stuck into the season!

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