Tunes to get my racing head on

March 14, 2015

Music has always been important to me – and it is especially so on race morning!

Here are a few of the tunes I plan to have pumping through my iPod from the time my alarm goes tomorrow morning:

1) Lose Yourself by Eminem

Not something most people who know me would expect – particularly those back in Blighty – but the lyrics in this song are all about getting and maintaining focus. I’d bet nearly all triathletes have this on their iPod somewhere

2) Proud by M People

This was the soundtrack to the London Olympics in 2012. It makes me feel proud and makes me think beyond myself – to my family, to my friends, to my sponsors and to my country that I am proud to represent every time I race.

3) Made in England by Elton John

Not sure I like admitting to having Elton John on my list but, as with Proud, I like to be reminded of where I’m from. Living in America is amazing but this takes me back to the UK and the leafy part of England where my family will be cheering me on.

4) Fuck You by Lily Allen

Bit of a potty mouth on her that girl but this song is all about rising above those who have got in your face. Racing is a platform to celebrate all that I have become in my working life, a life of which I’m incredibly proud. It’s not always easy, though – and this song helps remind me of that and helps get my hackles up.

5)Brave by Sara Bareilles

“I wanna see you be brave” sings Sara Bareilles. Yeah, that makes two of us, Sara. This reminds me to buckle up, get in the hurt box and do up the lid tight. Racing is a suffer fest and you need bag loads of bravery to really, truly get the most from yourself. This song reminds me of exactly that.

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