Giving Twitter some love

February 21, 2015

It’s no secret that triathletes love their social media – and one of my favourites is Twitter. I love reading snippets from fellow athletes and sponsors alike.

But Twitter offers so much and such a variety – there is always something for everyone and it can take you in so many fun directions. When asked recently about my favourite Twitter feeds, I thought it would be tough to call, but here you go – they’re actually a pretty eclectic bunch:

@Doctor_Hutch – the feed of Michael Hutchinson — writer, journalist, cyclist, who tweets with an entertaining and pithy outlook on life, cycling and anything else that takes his fancy. This is a recent highlight:

@quotegarden – Run by a mysterious Terri of Phoenix, Arizona, the profile promises to spread ‘quotatious joy’. It never fails to deliver inspirational, positive tweets that help keep a spring in my step and a smile on my face.

@TonyParsonsUK – Tony is a British writer and journalist best known for his novel Man and Boy in 1999. He has a dry, cutting wit and while I can’t always support everything he says, the writer in me has to admire the way he says it:

@Zen_Moments – Keeping me oh so Zen:

@jessemthomas – You’re always in for a big dose of funny from fellow @purplepatch pro Jesse Thomas. Keep it comin’ JT – and LIRB! J

@BritishLogic – We British do have an odd way of doing and saying things and this feed never fails to make me LOL. A little bit of Britishness every day:

So that’s my top six….and here’s the best of the rest: @sweatscience – Alex Hutchinson is a super-knowledgeable sports science writer who’s up to speed on all things endurance related. Pearls of wisdom delivered daily.

@witsupcom – Great content from Australian-based website (Women in Sport)

@firstoffthebike – Twitter feed for one of the best (IMO) triathlon news websites,

@RichardBranson – Incredible British entrepreneur who always has something worthwhile to say. I know he’s hardly the world’s best kept secret but anyone who’s achieved what Sir RB has is def worth tuning into

@DrScienceCat – Nothing about social media or the internet at large is complete until it contains cats. This is a cat who likes to Tweet about science. Need I say more?

@AnthemVentures – my title sponsor, a portfolio of media brands and marketing services. Sounds dry – give them a follow and you’ll see that they’re all-round great guys who really know how to make social media zing

@SweetRoseCreamery – LA-based ice cream parlour that’s home to arguably the finest ice cream I’ve ever tasted. I’ve often unfollowed them – purely because I’m 400 miles away from their deliciousness and seeing their photos is like ice cream porn that I just can’t handle sometimes 😉 (#firstworldproblems)

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