The three triathlon R’s: Resting, recovering and relaxing

February 11, 2015

Hawaii was awesome – high intensity, high volume triathlon training at its best. But now I’m back in San Francisco it’s time for some R&R to let the body absorb all the good work.

This week friends from my former base of Los Angeles arrive in San Francisco for a few days’ visit so it’s going to be great catching up with them and doing a few tourist activities here in the city.

I’ve been living here since the end of October, so am still a relative newbie, but I settled in fast and love the feel of this place. It is certainly one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the US and has a real European feel to it.

I love that you can walk or ride almost anywhere and public transport is terrific. The same cannot be said for LA or most American cities!

Alcatraz Island remains one of my favourite places to visit here – I strongly recommend a visit if you’re ever in town and take the audio tour of the cells. It is spooky!

It also brings back good memories of the Escape from Alcatraz race in 2013 where I finished 4th. I’ll be hoping to get on the podium when I race it again this year.

Golden Gate Park is another highlight – you can take a leisurely stroll, walk down as far as the beach, hire a bike or even take a free swing-dancing lesson on a Sunday lunchtime.

There are also several great museums – the De Young is on our itinerary for this week. For me, though, the coffee scene and the restaurant scene are what really set San Francisco apart.

Granted, I am a bit of a coffee snob so love the whole ritual of it all, but nothing beats finding a new cosy little café and discovering some fancy new beans.

As you can probably tell, this week will be as much about switching off from being an athlete as it will be training, resting and recuperating. There will be a couple of hours training a day but it will all be low stress.

Work-life balance is key, even if your “work” doesn’t involve an office!

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