Rest, relax, reset…

October 25, 2013

2013 has been a brilliant year for me – a transatlantic move, new friends, a new start, a new life, great training and racing. It has also been an extremely busy year and after the 70.3 World Championships in Vegas I definitely started to feel like the tank was beginning to run on empty. I squeezed one last race in – 70.3 Augusta, three weeks later – and still held out hopes of racing 70.3 Miami this weekend, but as any racer knows, when the body and mind tell you it’s time, hell, IT IS TIME! I’m just no good at racing at anything other than 100 per cent, so regrettably I won’t be racing in Miami but wish everyone there a terrific race.
Since making the decision not to race, I’ve been enjoying some well earned R&R time. Rather than climb aboard another plane, I decided a “staycation” here in LA would be just the ticket. After all, this place is ridiculously beautiful, so why flee from your own “backyard” (as the locals would say) when there is so much to see, do and enjoy here?
In the past few days, I’ve discovered deserted beaches, visited temples, hiked, trail run, baked, read, baked some more, eaten hotdogs (well, a Rattlesnake hotdog to be precise!), fed my addiction to Breaking Bad and watched the sunset with a glass of Pinot Noir in my hand.
I’ve evaluated the year and begun making plans for next. I’ve celebrated what was good and learnt from the not so good. Over the space of this year I’ve grown more as a person and as an athlete than I could ever have imagined possible. And I look forward to growing and evolving some more over the winter ready to hit the 2014 season with a bang.
In the meantime, next week I’ll be enjoying some long overdue family time with relatives who are flying here from England, so it’ll be great to be a tourist in LA and see this marvellous place through their eyes. Oh, and I promise to be a little better at blogging too…
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